Sam Heughan's Sci Fi Fantasy

Does Sam Heughan’s Sci Fi Fantasy Influenced Outlander’s Season 7

Outlander season 7 brought thrilling experiences as promised. Episode 5 in Season 7 was amazing to watch with some mysteries. It looks like the episode is into Sci Fi with a blue beam when Bree rediscovers something in the tunnel. As we know how much Sam Heughan into Sci – Fi stuffs in his real life. This episode of season seven will certainly be one of his favorites.

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What Happens In Outlander 7

Bree is locked in inside a tunnel by her workers at the time of her first day at the work. The blue beam of energy during the episode we saw that something Sam Heughan might be interested in. Bree is trapped in there by her co-workers due to the fact that she was a woman as their superior. They do not like the idea of their manager being a woman. Bree is trying through the space that is full of darkness. Then she finds a way out and ultimately ended up stumbling across this blue barrier that is more likely a beam of energy. The blue beam has unbearable sound and is deafening Bree. She puts her hands over her ears and seems like she is in discomfort. She walks through to end up on the other side of the energy. Nothing happens when she walks through as we expected. At first glance it is easy to think that this could be a time portal like we have seen in the show. 

Blue Beam & Sam Heughan's Sci - Fi Fantasy

The blue beam is an interesting Sci Fi topic in Sam Heughan’s interests. Fans know he is one of the producers since 2018. He loves Sci Fi Stuffs and he evenly talked publicly about his Sci – Fi interest in many interviews.

What’s more about the Blue Beam of the Book?

In Outlander’s book series seventh installment, Echo and Bone where the scene that we see in the episode does play out and occur in some capacity. Ley lines, in the context of this story, refer to alignments between historical structures, monuments, or landmarks on Earth. It is believed that within the space defined by these alignments, there exists a special energy with a geomagnetic force. This force acts as a portal, allowing individuals to traverse between different time periods. Essentially, someone can step through these ley line portals and find themselves transported from one era to another, unlocking the possibility of time travel within the narrative.

However it’s said to be something that not every person can see or utilize as it’s based on having a trait only one that’s inherited by genetics which is something that runs through the McKenzie family. That may be why Bree is able to see it within the novel.

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