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Nicholas Galitzine : Everything You Want to Know Of Him

Red, White & Royal Blue on Amazon Prime is a movie that comes along and captures your heart entirely. It is absolutely everything fans are expecting from the book adaptation. In overall the movie is really splendid watch and the chemistry between the lead actors is adorable and heartfelt. Prince Henry acted by Nicholas Galitzine in particularly graced the acting with his charismatic presence. So we decided to talk about this 28 year old British actor and five surprising things you probably didn’t know.

Cinderella Camila Cabello & Nicholas Galitzine

Nicholas shares an unbreakable bond with pop sensation Camila Cabello. The duo Nicholas and Camila worked together in Cinderella forming an extraordinary friendship. They share some amazing times together even fans to think they are dating. They walk together, cuddle together and sharing some goofiest time in off screen.

Apart From Acting

Apart from acting his musical talents are widely praised in the world. His soulful voice mixed while playing guitar, piano and even the violin. Fans can see him playing instruments on his official Instagram and YouTube platforms. Not only has that in 2022 he written a song showing his songwriting abilities. Further, he is interested in soccer showcasing his passion for athleticism.

Actual Prince

The actor has been a prince twice as Prince Henry on Red White and Royal Blue and Prince Robert in Cinderella. He is a member of the princely family of Russia. His heritage goes back to the Noble descents of Russian Empire. His family background with royal heritage paves his way for his acting journey.

Romantic Involvements

The handsome actor is never short of love interests and fans are following the rumors erupted Nicholas co-star at work of Purple Hearts Sofia Carson about possible romances off screen. The actor has portrayed various genre of characters interested in different sexualities. Somehow, the 28 year old does not disclose his sexual desires or the partner he is dating right now. He keeps them in

What You Know About Him

Nicholas is British. His dad is British and mom is Greek. He was born in London, England on September 29th 1994 making his zodiac sign Libra. His Greek and British descents adds an extra layer of fascination to his charismatic persona. His dad is Geoffrey Galitzine worked as financier while mom, Lora Maria Konstantina worked in the finance field. His surname Galitzine is linked to one of Russian princely families making him not a strange to perform princely roles.

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