Sex Education Cast Real Ages and Life partners

Sex Education Season 4 Cast Real Ages and Life Partners Revealed

The 2019 Netflix Sex Education extends its fourth season in this September 2023. Ratings for this latest season is amazing with IMDB recording 8.3 and 94% interested in Rotten Tomatoes. Fans welcome their favorite cast and their acting has been perfect. This is looking into them. Sex Education Season 4 cast real ages and their off-screen relationships.

Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley

France born Emma Mackie is currently 27 years old. She was born on January 4th 1996. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. The actress in the year 2013 interestingly made a decision to move to Britain to study English language and literature. She earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts at the University of Leeds. Her role in the series is picture perfect as the on-screen relationship with Otis even made fans to believe the duo are in love in real life. No they aren’t. They’re nothing more than just good friends. Emma is dating film director and photographer Martin Aleman since the late 2022. She is active only on Facebook with 86k followers following her Facebook page.

Asa Butterfield as Otis

The 26 years old Asa Butterfield was born on April 1st 1997. He is from London, United Kingdom. His zodiac sign is Aries. The actor is sharing his lifestyle on his social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. He maintains almost 6.5million fans on his social media platforms as at October 2023. Asa is no short of talents as he appeared for more than 25 movies in his short acting career. Asa in real life prefers to keep personal life stuff in private. He is currently single after dating 27 years old Britiss actress Ella Purnell in 2015. They had been dating for more than a year and in 2016 the duo parted without citing any reason.

Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong

Eric’s character in the series is so well written and Ncuti is perfect in this role. Fans absolutely adore him through the entire season. Ncuti is 30 years old making his birthday to fall on October 15th 1992. He is zodiac signed Libra. His life story is worth reading as he hails from Rwanda and the genocide that took place in 1900s forced them to flee to Scotland. Then he enrolled the school system in Scotland and continued to study until he earns an honorary doctorate at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In love life he is keeping everything behind doors. He doesn’t disclose anything about relationships but had closely linked to Scottish actress Jessica Hardwick.

Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews

Actress Mimi Keen as Ruby was born in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on August 5th 1998. She is currently 25 years and her zodiac sign is Leo. She is active on social media platforms Instagram, Twitter and Tumbler. Her on-screen relationship with Asa Butterfield in the series made fans to believe they are dating in real life but somehow they maintains only a close friendship.

Connor Swindells as Adam Groff

Fans even had to google and find Adam and Michael Groff are not actually related in real life. They have same facial expressions and their character development is so convincing. Connor Swindells as Adam is 27 years old and his birthday falls on September 19th 1996 making his zodiac sign Virgo. Connor is Lewis England. His career rose to the fame with his acting in Sex Education. Connor in real life dating actress Amber Anderson  since 2020. The pair met while working for the movie Emma. Connor in 2018 started dating Aimee Lou Wood while working for the tv series Sex Education. The duo shared adorable moments and fans are left with memories as they parted in 2020.

Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs

Fan favorite Aimee in the series is acted by 29 years old Aimee Lou Wood. She is active only on Instagram platform where she shares her bits and bytes with fans. Aimee is from Stockport, United Kingdom. Her birthday falls on February 3rd 1994 making her zodiac sign Aquarius. The actress graduates from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art earning her a degree in Bachelor of Arts. It is not a secret that the actress dated Connor Swindells from 2018 -2020 due to their busy schedules the duo decided to part. Since then she is single. She must be pursuing to achieve big in her acting career.

Hope we cover what you like most. Comment who is your favorite character in the tv series.

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