Meet the Cast of Adam Sandlers Leo 2023

Adam Sandler’s Leo is Making Headlines with Fans finding The Movie is Worth Watching

Netflix’s new Leo is now streaming on Netflix gaining attention not only kids but also the adults. The movie’s ratings are moderate with IMDB 7/10 and Rotten Tomatoes 80%. Viewers do not find any shortfalls of the movie but everyone seems to be praising for bringing the movie in right time. Here what they have to say in social media to give their verdict.

Leo the worrying lizard now planning to set himself free after been stuck for decades in fictional Fort Myers Elementary School in Florida. Learning he has to rescue his class from mad school teacher the story continues with interesting plot.

After putting the Leo’s official trailer on Netflix’s official Facebook page, fans heaped praise over the cute movie.

One person wrote “As Floridians and parents of a 6-year-old student girl, we had fun together watching Leo. And we even got emotional 💚” while another added: “We watched this last night with our 5 yr old granddaughter. She loved it……. and we did too” she adds the comment with a cute reptile.

A third person went on to say “This movie made me cry lol I was so mad at the teacher lol we watched it with my grandsons we loved it”

Many fans went onto say how cute they find the movie is: “Such A cute movie, another good movie from Netflix…” Not only the animations and settings with eye catching sceneries, voices behind the characters enchanted viewers.

Here is what you want to know about the voice actors who are behind the characters you see on screen.

You can catch all the actions from streaming giant Netflix. Don’t worry we won’t spoil your interest of watching the movie by giving our theories and predictions.

Who is your favorite voice actor? Comment below.

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