Young Royals Season 3 Updates

Young Royals Season 3 Release Date & Cast Updates

Young Royals on Netflix is back again with its third and final season of the series. The series so far earns fans across the world. The ratings for the series is 98% of Google users are interested in the series while 8.3 and 100% liking the show in IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes respectively. Fans are finally to witness the end of the captivating love story between Prince Wilhelm and Simon’s with the release of the first look of the trailer video for Season 3. Fans do love to hear back about more of the details of the upcoming season and this is about “Young Royals Season 3 Cast and Release Date”

First Look, Post Production and Release Date

Netflix after airing the second season of the series in December 2022 officially renewed the third and final season during the first half of the year 2023. The post production started after June 2023 and is set to premiere in 2024.

Netflix on its official Twitter shared a glimpse of what could be the outcome of this season. Prince Wilhelm is seen sharing holding his hands of Simon walking together.

The Venezuelan-Swedish actor Omar Rudberg shares some amazing photographs while they are working for the upcoming season. They all are working as family and great to see they are united to make it feel for fans.

First Look of the Season 3

On October 17th 2023, Netflix dropped a tempting first look video to impress fans. This 90seconds of YouTube clip shows Prince Wilhelm and Simon sharing flirty but tender moment at the palace. The prince is approaching to Simon and he is saying “I can’t believe that you are here”. Simon in response says “me neither” The chemistry between these two is beginning to grow even steamier. Prince Wilhelm drags Simon to another room means they are going to make love fans are dying to find out.

What Happened in Season 2

Previous season leave us with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Prince Wilhelm and Simon confessed their love and Simon agrees to keep their relationship a secret. Prince Wilhelm in his speech announces to the public that it was him with Simon in the video that leaked last semester. Thus this will make in season 3 for them to face far-reaching consequences. Fans will see drama and Scandal. Fans do feel for the duo and hope for is a fairy tale ending for the happiness of Prince Wilhelm and Simon.

The Cast for Season 3

We can expect the main cast for this season as well. Swedish 20year old Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm brings his royal charm to the screen. Omar Rudberg as Simon who is currently 24 years old from Venezuela. Malte Gårdinger returns as August Horn. Frida Argento as Sara, Nikita Uggla as Felice.

Fans are thrilled to see the show on this Christmas but according to the reports it will go back as far as early in 2024.

What is your prediction for this new season and who is your favorite actor of the bunch? Comment below.

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