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Anna Cathcart What’s More Interesting About Her

Anna Cathcart has captured the hearts of fans all around the world with her outstanding portrayal of Kitty in the hit Netflix series XO Kitty. She stole hearts and became an instant fan favorite. This is what you need to know about Anna Cathcart and her lifestyle.

Anna Cathcart Maintains A Strong Bond With Korea

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Insta : Anna Cathcart

Anna recently shares her amazing experience while filming in Korea the young actress spent four months living in Seoul and it was the first time she lived on her own after only ever living with their parents filming in a different country helped her form a strong bond with the cast of XO Kitty not only did they work together on set but they also hung out after filming and then her co-stars had an unforgettable time exploring Korea’s Rich culture and indulging in some delicious Korean cuisine they even sang karaoke together and went to each other’s hotel rooms to Eat Fried Chicken it was clear that their friendship extended Beyond work hours as they enjoyed each other’s company both on screen and off screen. 

Early Days and Lifestyle

Anna Chathcart 11 years old
Insta : Anna Cathcart
Anna Cathcart Odd Squad Movie Premiere!
Insta : Anna Cathcart

Anna Cathcart is a Canadian. She is making ways in Hollywood and it is exciting to know that she comes from Canada. She’s 19 years old and her birthday falls on June 16 2003. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. 

She was born in Vancouver British Columbia. There she lives in a large community from  Asian countries and her childhood was exposed to diverse cultures. That made her to act swiftly with the rest of the cast in XO kitty. 

she is half Chinese and half Irish. Her family is very supportive of her acting career from the start. They continue to cheer her on as she takes on bigger and better roles. Anna enrolled in University while acting and she started her acting career very young. Her first appearance came in Crayola and Campbell Soup’s commercial then starring in Odd Squad descendants to all the boys. Despite so many projects at such a young age she is still focusing on her studies 

The talented young actress graduated high school in 2021 she mastered in sociology and creative writing at the University of British Columbia.

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