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Who Plays Min Ho In Xo, Kitty

Netflix’s XO Kitty has now being one of the hit series among fans since it’s release in May 2023. The cast is amazing and pitch perfect with their outstanding performances. Sang Heon Lee who stars as Min Ho in the season one capturing Hearts  and now maintains a growing fan base. Many fans around the world are curious about this talented actor’s personal life and career.  For those who are die-hard fans of kitty and Mino’s relationship on screen this article will help you to find some amazing things you didn’t know about Sang Heon Lee.

Sang Heon Lee and his co-star Gia Kim (Yuri) are siblings. The two talented siblings are working together to bring XO Kitty to life. Fans are super excited to see the two characters Min Ho and Yuri but not only the fans the entire cast had no idea they were siblings. When the start of filming begun Sang Heon Lee asked his co-stars if he could add his sister in the group chat. In their first meet up Choi Min-young (Dae) in the group chat replied he wants to meet Sang Heon Lee’s family. This made Sang Heon Lee to reveal his sister is actually playing as Yuri and the whole cast were very surprised.

Sang Heon Lee Older Than His Character

Fans of XO Kitty have been stunned to learn that Sang Heon Lee the actor who plays as Min ho the high school teen and Kitty’s love interest in the show is actually 27 years old in real life. His birthday is on May 21st 1996. His zodiac sign is Gemini just like Anna Cathcart (Kitty). Usually Korean high school period ends as at the age of 18. Sang Heon Lee(27) means he is almost 9 years older than her role in the series. He maintains amazing skincare routine clearly works making him much more younger.

 During his time in Korea Sang Heon and his co-stars made sure to explore the country. They were visiting historical landmarks to trying out traditional Korean cuisine. They immersed themselves in the culture of the beautiful country. When they came after work they sing karaoke, eat Korean barbecue or go to each other’s hotel rooms to have fun. Fans see all of their adventures on the cast social media.

Xo Kitty Fun Cast
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Personal Lifestyle & Hobbies

Sang Heon Lee Instagram bio indicates country short codes; South Korea, Hong Kong and England. He is born in Seoul South Korea then he spent most of his childhood in Hong Kong and studied drama at the University of Northampton in England. He returned back home to Korea after studying for his military training. Then he pursued a modeling career and entered in the world of acting as he now lives in Los Angeles. Even though he resides in Los Angeles he tends to eat Korean food. His passion is to climbing rocks.

Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho is his first ever acting role and fans are waiting to see more of him in season two.

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