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Darren Barnet Why Fans Love Him So Much

Darren Barnet has taken all the attention from the world with his amazing performance as Paxton in Netflix hit series Never Have I ever. The handsome Darren is so amazing with his performance in the show, specially the well built physique and fans will be happy to know unknown facts about him. If you are interested in him this is five unknown facts about Paxton in Never Have I Ever.

Then & Now Darren Barnet

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Darren Barnet is currently in his early thirties (32). The actor was born April 27, 1991 in California United states. Fans might not be too shocked when seeing the 18 year old hunky swimmer Paxton Hall in the Netflix series Never have I Ever Season 4 is played by the 32 year old Darren Barnet. He is that much younger looking in the series. In his childhood when he was just seven years, obsessed with Jim Carrey who was acting as Lloyd Christmas in the comedy drama Dumb and Dumber. He asked from his mom to cut his hair like Lloyd and he later thanked mom for allowing him to have a haircut like Lloyd.  

Darren's Better Half

It is learnt that the actor is not currently dating anyone. But he has dated American actress Mikaela Hoover (38) from April to November 2021. The couple looks so dashing and at the time of April 2021. The duo shares some sweet memories on Instagram  Mikaela and Darren thanked each other on their birthdays in 2021. They exchanged :

Darren Barnet and Mikaela Hoover relationship status
Insta : Darren and Mikaela

Smile to Remember

Darren is one of the handsome men you can find on the series Never Have I Ever. He maintains a great physique which is visible right throughout the series. His sweet smile is to be remembered. Fans make some interesting comments on his Instagram. It seems like all the ladies in the world has fallen into him after reading some interesting comments; 

Darren Barnet fans have fallen into him
Img : Darren Barnet Insta

A Life Changer

The tv series Never Have I Ever changed his life forever by making him more attractive icon. Since the series inception in April 2020 the actor gained almost three million of followers on his Instagram account. Now his fandom is almost 3.7 million on his official Instagram. 

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