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How Well You Know Dallas Liu Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender

Netflix’s live action adaptation of Avatar The Last Airbender meets the new generation expectations. It brings everything to life from the epic world building, to the perfect cast who embodies these beloved characters. Dallas James Liu as Zuko is one of the most standout performances throughout the series. So talking about his details in personal life will make you comfortable. This article is about him.

Fond of Martial Arts

Dallas Liu at the age of five started training for Japanese Shotokan martial art. He even participated for Karate tournaments until the age of 13. Liu’s manager saw him through a YouTube video where he is displaying his talents. The 22-year-old actor was born on August 21 2001 making him zodiac sign Leo. His mother is Chinese and father is from Indonesian.

Wonderful Costar

Liu’s onscreen chemistry with South Korean actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee who acts as Uncle Iroh is undeniable. In off screen Liu and Ian Ousley who plays as Sokka share strong bond of time together despite not sharing many scenes together. The bromance they create is wonderful and adorable and allowing us to think the pleasant environment they are working.  Recently with Gordon Cormier  (Aang) the duo went for a visit to Philippines showing their strong bond.  

Dallas Liu Zuko fun time

What he does during free time

He loves to take risks. He prefers rock climbing and skydiving in his free time. His childhood martial arts experience might have helped him to ease his pressure and fear. His adventurous spirit and physical training make his strong inside and out to enhance new achievements. 

Family support and background

What makes him a good star on screen is just because of his parents and family support. He is showcasing his versatility and class as an actor setting an example for his fellow cast members. His career is rising day-by-day thanks largely to his parents.

A bright future is waiting for this young actor and we will bring more updates about him and his future projects.

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