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Gordon Cormier Things You Must Know About Him

Netflix’s live action adaption Avatar: The Last Airbender has taken the world by storm. The storylines, plot and cinematic approach is widely praised by the fans. Above all, it’s the great choice of young cast who are extremely spot on with their roles. Gordon Cormier as Aang was one of the remarkable cast selection. He delivers very warm action overall. So we thought to talk about him. His lifestyle and some facts will surprise you. 

High diversity of cultures shaped his career

Gordon’s family background helped him a lot to achieve this feat. His mother is Pinay while dad is from France. But the family is rooted in Canada. His rich ethnical background made him perfect fit for the role of Aang. He was born on October 9th 2009 making him Libra. He was just 11 years in 2021 when the announcement came that he was chosen for the Aang.

Training since age of 4

No doubts Avatar: The Last Airbender needs cast to perform high number of stunts in martial arts. Knowing movements and training in the past must be handy and lucky. Gordon during his early days at the age of 4 to 7 had basic learning of Taekwondo. Which seriously helped him to quickly learn and perform perfectly for the series.

A skateboard lover

This brilliant teen star is one of the greats to handle the skateboarding. He spends his free time playing skateboard and he has experience of three and half years. Success to handle the skateboard didn’t come easy for him. He had to train thick and hard to become a master of it.

A hard worker

Would you believe that Gordon watched the original series for 35 times before preparing his role for this adaption? Well that is true. Gordon knowing how well he needs to perform in the series he watched original series until he feel confident about it. This part of his dedication will lead him to be one of the greatest in the field and we wish him all the success for his future works.

Very close with his costars.

Being the youngest of the bunch Gordon has no limitations on making friends on set. He quickly forms very strong bonds with all of his co-stars. He is very close with Ian Ousley who plays as Sokka and the duo share numerous off-screen moments that reflect their onscreen bonds. Further he makes a trip with Dallas Liu to Philippines is one to prove he is making friends instantly with his charming talks and beautiful characteristics.

Who is your favorite actor in your thoughts? We will update you with this young adorable Gordon Cormier.

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