Fans react to Outlander's Wedding episode even after period of a decade

Inside Story of Outlander’s Wedding Night in Season 01

Starz heartwarming “Outlander” tv series aired first in 2014 and since then fans are very much waiting to see new episodes as much as possible. The series now had been renewed for it’s seventh time and season 08 will be the last. Viewers are still very much happy to talk about Wedding episode and they have taken social media to give their views.

After Claire is transported back to 1743 from 1945 she is followed by Black Jack Randall. The only way out for her to be saved from the monster is to marry a Scotsman; the highlander Jamie Fraser with blue eyes and “perfect man” who is the perfect choice for a woman to live a life.

The “Wedding Night” in Outlander’s 107 episode is considered to be one of the most romantic screen time as per the viewers. They have taken social media platform Facebook to praise the episode.  

On person penned ““The Wedding” reveals Jamie’s sensitive heart and his ever blossoming love for Claire. The absolute “beauty” of his face and body is on full display. By the end of their night together, Claire has fallen in love with Jamie, despite her remaining inner conflict. A masterpiece of editing, sensual acting and hauntingly gorgeous music” Not only the perfect sceneries around what made fans to believe in Outlander is the sublime acting of actors Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser) Another added “What a beautiful episode. Jamie had already fallen in love with Claire in s1 e2 Castle Leoch when Claire wept in his arms and he comforted her. But, of course he couldn’t tell her yet. The way he looks at her and his eyes speak volumes….”

A third person who has been watching the series from its inception in 2014 and being watching the show more frequently added “I’m just about ready to watch Outlander again after a short break. Really looking forward to it, especially season 1” while another remarked “That look in his eyes melts my heart. Beautiful episode I can’t watch over and over”

The episode is really great in every aspect. The setting inside and outside of the show area was beautifully crafted. “The Wedding was always going to be key moments in the show” added Ron D Moore Executive producer of the show. The unending friendship of Sam and Cait adds more colors even during the breaks. Anne Kenny Co executive Producer and writer for Season 01 discussed “the relationship between the two of them off-screen you see they are very affectionate with each other very caring with each other so that’s lovely and kind of infuses the relationship between Jamie and Claire” Not only the on screen relationship that made the show to be on success note the off screen friendship which made fans to believe there is something in them than friends. Sam Heughan the one and only Jamie Fraser commented on the preparation before the wedding episode “we spent a week basically a in a room myself and Kat with a very little clothes on” Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe been new comers to the screen shared a lot in common in order to get the things right for the series and for themselves as well. “I feel I can’t look after the crew face anymore” Adds Sam Heughan’s costar Caitriona Balfe.

Fans favorite Scotsman is now available to watch on UK’s Channel 4 new thriller “The Couple Next Door” where he plays as a traffic cop Danny.

Outlander season 01 by far the best as far as fans concern. We won’t spoil too much saying about Wedding episode and wish this article will help you to watch it again.

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