Sam Heughan Oostende Film Festival 2024

Sam Heughan Hits Belgium Soil with Black Dress

Sam Heughan once again proved his gentle side after seeing on Red Carpets with his co – star Eleanor Tomlinson during the outing of Oostende Film Festival in Belgium. He romantically allowed Eleanor to hide behind him when the director Dries Vos praising her in front of hundreds pf fans out there to witness the event. Sam Heughan and Eleanor Tomlinson dressed up with black outfits fit rightly to the occasion with the sun is setting behind.

Couple next door with Sam & Eleanor
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Sam Heughan fans who are tamed by the Outlander since 2014 are now swiftly turning into the mindset of accepting Sam Heughan with his new roles. His role of Danny in The Couple Next Door is widely praised by his loyal fans. Most of the fans are enthralling after seeing Sam Heughan as a cop, a character bit similar to James Bond.


Sam Heughan along with Dries Vos and Eleanor Tomlinson attended the Oostend Film Festival for The Couple Next Door. The series is able to discover inner struggle of a woman and also breaking the shackles of modern day marriage vows. Dries Vos who is in the same age as Sam Heughan is really thankful for Sam for being there working with him. “he is also one of the most lovable collaborative person I chose to work for the group not only for himself” Dries adds. Further he shares laugh at Sam saying “don’t cry Sam” after seeing his face going red.

Dries did not forget to how British Eleanor Tomlinson lights up every moment while they are working as a team. “A remarkable talent” He says it with a powerful note asking crowd to “give it up” after listening crowds cheering. She hid her face behind Sam’s back. Fans accept her performance in the thriller as Evie is powerful than what sees on Sam Heughans’. A devoted fan on X former (Twitter) adds “Honored and proud to have Eleanor Tomlinson as Evie in the series with brilliant performance”

The official unveiling of the Star on the Walk of Fame for Sam Heughan and Eleanor Tomlinson is what made the event more colorful. Sam and Eleanor unveil “Eleanor Tomlinson Sam Heughan Filmfestival Oostende” what written inside the star.

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