Rob Cameron in Outlander season 7

Why Outlander’s Rob Cameron is a Villain

Seventh Season of Outlander is leaving fans with many questions than answers. In one timeline, Jamie is in critical condition. In another timeline, Jemmy is kidnapped. Outlander fans pray for the best to happen. But they keep an eye on one person. A couple of episodes ago a special character was introduced. Rob Cameron, the co-worker of Brianna Fraser. The person who traps Brianna in the tunnel while working. Is Rob a villain? This article will cover about that.

Who is Rob Cameron?

Fans know he works with Bree at the same plant. Bree is his superior. He is a type of individual to be the main voice of a group. For instance we see he is the main man with the idea to lock Bree in the tunnel and to not let her out. He holds the personality of controlling others. Fans also see he is able to build smooth relationship with Roger and Bree in the school even after the tunnel incident. So Rob is very much deep-rooted man to work with. His attractive smile is very much a mask because he has alternative motives looking to benefit himself. He lives with ideas for what he wants to achieve whatsoever. We see that Rob laying his eyes on Roger’s journal about “Practical Guide for Time Travelers”. Rob knows about time travel and Roger’s book triggers something to look after.

Rob Flirts With Bree

Fans still unknown why Rob is falling for Bree here. Rob arranges a dinner with Roger’s family and he is being flirtatious with Bree. Rob’s true colors start to when he comes back again with his archaeologist friend to inspect some artifacts and ruins at Lallybroch. Rob goes to take the letter from Jamie and Claire sent to Roger and Bree of the Jacobite gold. He comes to the knowledge of Jemmy knows the exact location of the gold is placed in 1700s.

Rob and Jacobite Gold in 1700s

His cunning charm wit and smile makes to feel others he is a gentleman with all good qualities. He takes Jemmy to the time traveling stones at Craig Na Dun with the intention of taking back Jacobite gold with Jemmy. Even though, Rob Cameron’s plan goes unsuccessful to get into the past and to find the location to go back in time so instead he locks Jemmy in the same tunnel Bree was locked in.

Rob goes to visit Bree as she stays alone without Roger and he forces her to tell Jemmy to reveal the location of the Jacobite gold to him. Rob is a character with mean qualities as he tries to achieve his dreams even kidnapping kids.

Rob Cameron is an evil man disguised with charming smile. He brings misfortune to Roger’s family. All the members of the family are torn apart right now. He is an evil individual does not care for others. Rob Cameron’s role brought to drag the storyline more and more interesting. The 1700’s century remains even more interesting with Jamie is laying with some injuries happen to head. So it is important to watch all the action of time traveling Outlander. Until then Good Bye!!

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