Plot Twists Outlander Season 7

Outlander Mid Season Finale Has Many Plot Twists

The mid-season finale of Outlander is going to be an eventful one. In one timeline it sees Jamie lying on the battlefield in an unconscious state. Bree, Roger and Buck are searching for Jemmy in 1980s thinking Rob has taken him in time through the stones at Craig Na Dan.  Something may not be as it seems. The storylines are implying possible twists. So here is the potential twist in outlander’s season 7 episode 8.

Jemmy Has Not Gone Through Stones

Rob Cameron finds his way into Roger’s home for dinner. He instead of going over there he investigates some ruins and artifacts. He finds the letters sent by Jamie and Claire saying about the Jacobite gold. Rob stumbles across the letter and imagines to bring gold to the present days. With that he is advised to fetch Jemmy across the stones to go back in time. His desire is here to live a life of riches with Jacobite gold. Taking Jemmy and desiring to go back in time with his depends the boy knows the exact location of the treasure. Rob finds the difficulty in going back in time to time travel and ends up staying very much in the 1980s. So, Jemmy has not gone back in time to the 1700s with Rob through the stones at Craig Na Dan.

Jamie & Claire

Jemmy’s Destiny

Jemmy’s scarf is the only thing that Roger finds at the stones. One moment in episode 7 Jemmy requests Bree to take him to the tunnel which can link to where Rob most likely to keep Jemmy. Bree knows there is a time portal and she panics. She eventually realizes if Jemmy has not actually gone back in time but could find himself going back on his own if he accidentally walks through the portal.

Bree is in Vulnerable Place

Roger goes back in time to find Jemmy. Buck picks Rob is getting closer to Bree. Since Rob has not gone through stones and keeping Jemm somewhere, this will bring the danger Bree is going to face in next episode. In the novel Rob goes over to Lallybroch as this time Roger is not there. Roger’s absence initiates Rob to intimate with Bree. She denies the request and manages to lock him in the priest hole.

Bree finds the location of where Jemmy is kept and rescues him. Herself, Amanda and Jemmy all reunite and heads towards the stones to going back in time before Rob escapes. The point in this twist is  to motivate and supply a reason to go back in time to the 1700s and to unite the entire family across the timeline again.

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