Hijack Season 1 Episode 7

Hijack Season 1 Episode 7 Inside the Plane Review

Apple TV+ series Hijack Season 1 Episode 7 makes fans to sit on thrilling seat of a travelling plane. The hijacking plane by Amanda takes place in the previous episode 6 makes fans to answer so many questions. Why the plane is hijacked and what is the reason for doing so? The plane is in vulnerable state as the speed is going up. So the plane lands safely? This article will cover shocking storylines of Hijack Season1 episode 7.

The Storyline of the Hijacked Plane

The ending of the previous episode was about the final hour thrilling incident of the journey of Kingdom Airways plane which was supposed to land in Heathrow airport. However it is a destination the plane will never reach. Fans see from the last episode the lady who hijacked the plane was called Amanda. The lady herself has skills in being a pilot where she has been working for navy. She is targeted by the organized crime group or that reason and they have kidnapped her daughter and being held by them.

Amanda is directed to fly the plane towards Central London. The smart plan is being carried out by this organized crime group as they want the Kingdom Airways plane to fly closer to the Central London city. The closer the plane gets to the city the higher the chances for a crash. The possible crash results the stock price of Kingdom Airways to fall lower and lower. The organized crime group makes a deal and bet on the stock prices of Kingdom Airways crashing down. The crime group excelled in this method of making money in which they have been successful and making tons of money.

How They Did it?

There is a deal for every incident happened in the plane. One of the first passengers in episode 1 who caught the plane at the last moment adds more suspicion and weight to the every incident happened thereafter. The reason behind why he is panicked because if he does not make onto the plane, his family would have been killed. And the plane hijacking will not have taken place.

Amanda’s Struggle

The lady Amanda is waiting for a text message from Edgar one of the Organized crime group member. She is waiting to receive that as a confirmation for her to land the plane. The text she is waiting to receive depends on the stock price to go extremely low. Edgar is eyeing too big and is holding out more and more. Despite having earned tons of money already Edgar makes things to happen thick. John meanwhile is getting frustrated leading to kill Edgar.

Killing Edgar means Amanda is never going to get the text message she is hoping for. The text contains directions to land the plane. But now nobody is to send the text. Amanda is flying the plane with no directions whether to land or not. Her frustration reaches to the maximum limit as she yet to confirm whether her daughter is safe.

Fans finds the hopelessness of the crew and passengers as they do not know what is happening. The passengers retake the plane after finding out none of their weapons are real other than Sams’. A rare occasion where Sam being a hijacker uses his skills to negotiate with passengers. He changes their minds having Amanda’s phone and finding out about her daughter. Sam uses Amanda as a way of reading her inside. He kindly makes Amanda to agree to land the plane. The tense situation erupts as there are two Royal Air Force jets deployed to gun down the plane above open waters to avoid crashing into the city.

Amanda decides to land the plane as it runs out of fuel. They just slide the  plane down to a landing area in Northolt which is not long and wide enough to carryout the entire landing safe. But they lands safely posing many risks. Hope covers everything on what happens inside the plane and the hijacker’s mentality. Leave a comment what you feel if you are able to fly with hijackers. Until then Cheers!!!

Hijack Season 1 Episode 7

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