Outlander s7 episode 7 trailer explained

What is to Expect in Outlander Season 7 Episode 8

Fans are left with only one episode from the mid-season finale of time travelling Outlander. Next year 2024 will feature for the final half of season seven. The show is really heating up and fans see Jemmy go missing. Jamie is seen in a critical condition on the battlefield with blood bruised face. This is what we feel about for the upcoming Outlander Season 7 Episode 8 after seeing the trailer.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 8 In 1700s

Fans see a military drum roll and the destruction occurred at the battlefield of Saratoga. The true face of War is being brought to the notice of fans. The most heart touching moment where Claire comes to see the wounded Jamie who is being fallen down with some severe injuries happened to the head. She shows a concerned look over Jamie shows how much the devastation could occur in this episode. Jamie seems to be in unconscious state but this signals the brave Jamie Fraser doesn’t look good for him. It is hard to believe that Jamie Fraser is not to be killed off with so soon. So in 1700s things are much harder for fans to bear.

In 1980's

Things looking not good for the Frasers. It is the morning fans see Roger and Buck went to see Jemmy and Brianna’s tearful eyes show their desperation to find Jemmy. Fans hear Roger saying Rob has taken Jem through the stones.  He finds Jemm’s scarf with the tufty club badge pinned into it. This episode is going to be a cliffhanger with so much excitement is going to happen. Both faces of Bree and Roger makes fans to feel they are determined to bring the kid back.

Back Again in 1700s.

Fans are taken to the fighting camp where Ian is speaking with Claire. Fans are relieved after seeing Ian the faithful servant of Frasers. They both seen talking about another battle and possible just after the battle where Jamie got wounded. With a second battle is to take place the next  episode of the show will create eventful moments.

Both in 1700s and 1980s

The episode is going to be full of excitement. All are in worried faces. Claire is looking desperate showing Jamie needs extra care. The second battle is looming up. Claire is forced into a confrontation as she picks up a sword and points towards somebody.

Next episode will certainly be an explosive mid finale with all the questions are yet to answer. What you think Comment below.

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