Mixed Thoughts of Fans for the Upcoming Outlander Prequel Blood of My Blood

Outlander Prequel Blood of My BloodAs much as fans love Outlander they hate to see it comes to an end. Fans cannot wait for new prequel series Blood of My Blood which will probably be going to come out in 2025. Starz recently announced the major cast of the mini-series. Fans find Jamie Roy who is going to act as Brian Fraser (father of Jamie Fraser) some resemblance to Sam Heughan. Literally for some reason the writer’s first thought when see him (Jamie Roy) the casting is crazy accurate.

Here is how fans shared their excitement on X (Twitter) after seeing the cast and the news.

Prequel or sequel for any series will be amazing to watch but Diana Gabaldon shared she didn’t want to talk about Claire’s parents which in terms “uninteresting” for her. But a fan who is very much interested in watching the new series added ““I don’t understand DG saying she didn’t want to talk about Claire’s parents as they were so uninteresting. She could have made them interesting. Her call.” It is very clear that this contradicts what previously thought to bring out in this series. It was what we knew the story of Jamie’s parents; Brian Fraser and Ellen Mackenzie.

Talking into the story of Claire’s parents that would also be an interesting way to keep time travel in the storyline. It is certain that they (production team) and Matthew B Roberts one of the writers and producers of Outlander will make it interesting even if it differs Diana’s prequel book.

“Diana may not be interested in writing about Claire’s parents but Matt is interested and I think he is a good writer. Diana seems to be just fine with him doing that.” One of the fans who is very optimistic of the outcome noted. Many fans are wondering of Claire’s ability to run through the time is what made the show (Outlander) bit mysterious. They think knowing Claire’s parents will give some light of how she possesses that skill.

 “I truly cannot wait for this prequel! Really excited! I have ALWAYS wanted to know Claire’s background…and why not? We have every other key character’s story and Outlander IS Claire’s story! DG’s disinterest doesn’t ring true for me…so I am truly happy someone as good as Ron and Maril (with DG in the wings) have picked up the slack!!”

Heughan and Balfe are doing wonders in Outlander. The path they have walked for the decade so far will not be easy for any of the actors to come. Outlander fans are different than other series followers, they know every piece of information about the book series and what is to expect from a tv series. Even before any of the information released in terms of plot and minor cast of Blood of My Blood they (fans) now started talking about the nature of hard work the new actors will have to follow to make the series a success.

“They look great, let’s hope their acting skills are as good as we are used to… That’s what it’ll come down to in the end, although I’m sure they will be great. Wonder what their chemistry will be like, they have a tough act to follow.”

It will not be an easy task for any of the actors to replicate what Heughan and Balfe had done. Let’s hope the series will be a success.

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