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Outlander’s Prequel Blood of My Blood Will Come Out Soon

Outlander PrequelOutlander fans rushed to the comments on Facebook when they see Diana Gabaldon shows her interest in seeing new prequel tv series “Blood of My Blood”. In a statement shared online in her official Facebook page she shares her excitement while answering fans thirsty questions. Starz revealed the faces to see on new series; Harriet Slater as Ellen MacKenzie and Jamie Roy as Brian Fraser, Jamie Fraser’s parents with Hermione Corfield as Jula Moriston and Jeremy Irvine as Henry Beauchamp mother and father of Claire Fraser. Comments from the fans all over the world added their voice once Diana dropped the news.

“Diana Annnnndddd….ACTION! The Outlander Prequel, “Blood of My Blood” (aka “BOB” for short…) is underway! Filming began on January 22nd (and I’m liking everything I’m seeing!), with Episode 101, and here is a quick look at four main characters”.

Harriet Slater will be playing as the character of Ellen MacKenzie who in real life 29 years old hailing from Leicester, United Kingdom. Her husband on screen is 30 year old Jamie Roy. Claire’s mother and father in real life is acted by Hermione Corfield and Jeremy Irvine who are in real life 30 and 33 years of age. This is a wonderful choice of actors to represent the characters and could be one of the exciting news in coming days.

Fans gone wild after seeing Diana going public with the information. One die-hard fan wrote in the comments section in reply

“YAY, Diana Gabaldon! Thank you for writing your books…they started it all. Reading your novels was a treasure for me and then to have an outstanding production come out from there….bonus ! Frosting on the already exquisite cake ! ❤️❤️❤️”

Many fans also commented on how the news would make them happy during the droughtlander(the period Outlander fans spend during seasons.)

“It’s fantastic news! We can’t wait hear/ see more about this prequel!

We are very interested in hearing all about Brian and Ellen’s story and now we also get to know a bit more about Claire’s family background too! 😍”

Explaining what is being said regarding “get to know a bit more about Claire’s family background too” Gabaldon commented immediately apart from Jamie Fraser’s parents she has not worked for the story behind Claire’s family. She does not disclose any of the spoilers or what happens next with Claire’s parents.

“Well, the Claire’s parents stuff is NOT mine. We decided to handle the fact that the Prequel book is still in progress (and I’m not dropping everything–i.e., Book Ten–in order to finish it faster) by just talking to each other (me and the production people) as we go. One of the first decisions stemming from this was that Matt said he really wanted to tell the story of Claire’s parents. I said, a) there isn’t one–i.e., I/we know what happened to them already– but b) if you want to do that in the show, go ahead.”

What you think of the story which is going to be unveiled regarding these highlanders?

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